Our Forte

Manufacturing of Medical Equipment and Probes

*TOKO DS Facilities are compliant with RoHS Directives

  • Our forte resides in manufacturing medical & precision equipment that require micro-soldering and precision parts building.
  • Provides non-conventional processing techniques to make high-precision equipment such as surgical ultrasound probes and site-specific echo probes.



Cost Down Design & Prototypes

  • Cost Down Design: Experienced in the cost down design. We provide one-stop Cost Down (CD) design services from CD Design → Prototype → Cost/Quality Evaluation → Actual Production.
  • Example of a major cost reduction project
    For the image processing equipment, previously it required the die-mold to build system frames and parts. Now it uses sheet metal machining method so as to reduce material cost to 1/4. Also reduced 90% of complaint from customers thru this method.