Web Usability Testing

One of key objectives of the web usability testing is to make the website “feel easy and comfortable” for target users. We test how easy and intuitive users can navigate and engage in the site. Through our proprietary tool UxBridge®, we can identify users’ “hang back” feelings and provide ways and means to resolve them.

» What can UxBridge® do?


Our proprietary UxBridge® user behavioral analytics tool allows automated collection of information on user movement on the site. It will capture user movement of every page with tracing of mouse clicking and movements as a video clip. Also collects statistical data such as task completion time, click count, page return rate etc. At the end of the task, This tool provides multiple choice questionnair. These data serve as the basis of quantitative analysis on usability problems to support qualitative analysis.

» The procedure of user testing using UxBridge®

  • User behavior data
  • All types of user’s operation on the website (click count, drag distance, user task execution time, key entry, etc.) can be collected to quantitatively analyze what causes the user to experience stress.

  • Questionnaire results
  • UxBridge® automatically collects questionnaires and generates a result chart. Three types of answer formats are available: Single choice, multiple choice, and text form. Tallied results are downloadable in CSV, PDF, and PNG formats.

  • State transition chart
  • Transition of user behavior is expressed in a step line chart. This chart synchronizes with video clips of every page of the site so that the usability analyst can repeatedly zoom into the particular users’ behavior for their analysis.

  • Heat map
  • The heat map reveals the areas on the screen that have been clicked or tapped repeatedly, and identifies popular contents.

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