Web Application Testing

TOKO DS provides a third-party testing on websites and applications. We provide test solutions for the system integration test, functionality test as well as user test from end users’ perspectives. We also provide solutions for the usability testing so as to make the websites/applications more user friendly and intuitive.

1.  Handling projects across countries for MNCs. (e.g., Japan – US, Japan – Australia, Japan – Singapore)
2.  Able to test websites & applications without detailed design specifications. We will figure out intended behaviors of the products through efficient communication with clients.
3.  Over more than 10 years of experience in Web testing and usability research since 2007.

» Who should use our service?

We observe confidentiality of all communications. We will sign a NDA before commencement of interractions with clients.

  • If you are looking for the third party web-testing or UAT to affirm your websites are acceptable to Japan marketplace, we are good fit. We will provide comprehensive test coverage for your websites in the Japan marketplace.
  • If you are using the offshore development team outside of Japan, we are good fit. Our bilingual staff will work closely with your development team to provide timely information to fix defects and improve products’ quality.
  • Regardless of traditional or agile testing methodologies, if you are keen to reduce time-to-market without compromising quality, we are good fit. Our experienced staff who have undertaken many projects over the years will ensure that key issues are surfaced and all fixed are confirmed before products’ launch.

» Are you looking for solutions for the following business needs? Contact us!

  • Projects are taken place across countries. Therefore requires communication in both English and Japanese. Especially for meetings, defect reporting and progress & final reports.
  • Design and test specs are usually not ready at the point of testing. Yet need to conduct a testing on time.
  • Need to conduct a testing for not only finding defects but also looking into usability issues from end-users’ view point.
  • Want to talk to someone who can fully understand issues of the quality as well as the business processes of the website.
  • Want to focus on the core business only rather than spending resources for testing and cumbersome day-to-day operations

» Optional services

Web Usability Testing
We recommend the Usability testing together with the Web testing especially for e-commerce sites’ owners as the CV may be directly connected to how the end users feel easy and comfortable with the site.

For further details, please contact us via the Contact Us page.