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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At TOKO DS, we recognize that privacy is important and shall adhere to the following policies:

1. We shall educate our employees concerning the protection of personal information and appoint a supervisor for each division that handles personal information, thereby properly managing such information.

2. In obtaining the personal information of our customers, we shall specify our objectives in doing so. If personal information needs to be shared with third parties for business purposes, we shall identify how they intend to use it before providing the personal information concerned.

3. We will only use customers’ personal information for the purposes stated. If it later becomes necessary to use personal information for other purposes, we will contact the customers concerned and obtain their prior consent.

4. We will never provide or disclose our customers’ personal information to third parties without specific authorisation or a justifiable reason. Where customers have authorised the sharing of their personal information, third parties will be obliged by contract not to leak or provide such information to others.

5. If a customer asks us to restrict or cease the use of personal information, we will do so promptly, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

6. Our company is committed to abiding by all relevant laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Law, in obtaining, using and storing personal information as well as sharing it with any third parties.

Ban Satoharu President, TOKO DS