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Web Usability Consultation

Web Usability through Big Data analysis »UX Power

Improving user experience (UX) is critical for the e-commerce (EC) business. Websites which are user friendly retain customers, increase repeaters and eventually contribute to higher online visibility and revenue. We provide web usability consultation through our tool UxBridge©, which consolidates Big Data collected from customers’ EC sites. It will statistically analyze users’ behavioral patterns and then identify usability issues.

Business App/Tool Development

Business App./Tool Development

Document Compass®allows teams within an organization to collaborate, discuss and share information across different locations. It is a WEB base tool for PCs and Smart Phones which run on the cloud environment. We also provide customized software tools that improve the productivity of customer’s day-to-day operations.

Web & Device Testing

Web & Device Testing

We have more than a decade of experience in testing devices such as Printers, MFPs, mobile phones for MNCs. Beginning with printer testing in 2002, our testing services have helped customers to improve product’s quality. In 2007, we started the web testing for both Japanese and English sites.

Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Our technical translation services are based on the technical know-how gained from many years of testing experience. Our forte lies in providing accurate, meaningful translation, which is technically sound and easily understood from the users’ perspective. Currently, we provide translation from Japanese to English/Chinese and vice versa.

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