Operational Manual Production

TOKO DS is an experienced producer of user-friendly operational manuals for hardware and software.

Our instructions are designed based on our deep understanding of operational procedure and usage, which sets us apart from competition. In creating operational manuals for foreign-owned corporations, we review specifications and other documents to determine the most appropriate UI text for software and firmware, as well as test the translated operational manual on actual equipment to verify their appropriateness. The result is an accurate and easy-to-understand manual which has been making TOKO DS a preferred vendor of many major corporations.
*We are capable of handling the entire process of a project - from the first meeting to final reporting - in English.

» Creation of operational manuals for IT products and onsite training

  • Reference guides for printers (HTML, PDF)
  • Onsite training for printers for sales reps.

You can choose to have manuals and support tools created in Japanese, English or both, and by keeping product usability in mind at all times we’re able to foresee and prevent user errors, and resolve current or future problems.

When customers have access to effective online Help, FAQ, manuals, tutorials, knowledge base and other resources they make fewer telephone calls, resulting in improved response quality and lower call centre costs.

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