Our Business Conducts

  • TOKO DS is pledged to abide by appropriate ethics and relevant laws in all business situations, whether as buyer or seller, and to act in accordance to the rules and regulations set by society
  • Our corporate behaviour is based on fairness and integrity at all times
  • We will act to prevent discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, age, religion, or any other basis, and strive towards equal treatment and equal opportunity
  • We respect the ability and character of every individual
  • All individuals are encouraged to strive for self-improvement and new opportunities
  • Our actions are based on facts, not guesses and presumptions
  • We will be considerate to the other party and value gratitude
  • We will work co-operatively with customers and always think from their perspective
  • We will endeavour to build a vibrant corporate environment that is safe, open, and supportive, with communication at all levels
  • We will uncompromisingly protect the tangible, intangible, and intellectual property of the company and our customers
  • The collective strength of the company is drawn from these shared values and commitments
For further details, please contact us via the Contact Us page.